The Instagram Photo Shoot in Barcelona

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This daily photoshoot tour around the most instagrammable & photogenic spots in Barcelona will allow you to discover the empty streets of this city in a really different way.

We will walk through the empty streets of the Gothic quarter & Born neighbourhood + we will visit the Arc de Triomf and the Ciutadella Park. After that we will go by metro to visit the outside of the Gaudi’s masterpiece: Sagrada Familia.

Get your pictures taken in the most stunning corners of Barcelona. Nothing better than exploring the city with a local photographers!

Ideal for solo travellers, couples, group of friends and family with kids. The most fun is guaranteed!

Upgrade this tour to a Full day Instagrammer Photoshoot tour around Barcelona in which we will include a photoshoot session tour in Park Güell with “skip the line entrance”. Let’s go through its viaducts, bridges and its Monumental zone. Learn all about this place and take home the best souvenir from Barcelona you can get.

Languages the local speaks

Spanish, English

No. of participants

1 – 10 People (as for big groups)

The price includes

An amazing, spontaneous and professional photo session.

25 high quality images per session + 5 extra images per person (1 person gets 25 images – 2 get 35 – 3/40 – 4/45 – 5/50).

All the images from the camera with watermark, will be delivered by email in a week time so that you can choose the ones you like and download them automatically.

Express photo delivery in 24 hours, 20€ extra

All images from your session, 55€ extra

RAW files have extra cost.

Meeting Point

We run everyday at 8AM from our office at Carrer de Montsió 10 “Rusc de Turisme”.

We finish outside Sagrada Familia.




Late arrival or no show is not refundable. If it rains, we can re-schedule the tour.